Holly is one of the Firestorm Girls in the resistance. She likes to help resist evil.
Firestorm girl holly

Physical AppearanceEdit

Holly is African-American with black hair pulled in two puffy pigtails and brown eyes. Her uniform consists of a green beret, a silver shirt tucked into her brown pants. She also wears a brown sash and black boots.
81px-Holly (2nd Dimension)


  • She is the only African-American Firestorm Girl.
  • She, Ginger, and Katie are the
    Screenshot 2016-12-06-22-38-55
    only firestorm girls to touch Doof-2 during the arrest.
  • She, Ginger, and Isabella are the only ones to have black hair.
  • She, Milly, and Ginger are the only ones to be shown pulling the ropes when releasing the boys.