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12 Little Girls

There are 12 school girls in Madeline. They live in a small house in Paris that is covered in vines.

The Girls


The smallest of the girls and the title character. She is about 7–8 years old, and is the only redhead. She had her appendix removed in the first story. She is known for being the bravest and most outgoing of the girls.

The others:

  • Chloe: Long orange hair
    12 Little Girls by shinneth

    The Madeline Girls

  • Nicole: Short light brown hair.
  • Danielle: Curly long, brown hair.
  • Yvette: short Blonde hair
  • Nona: Long black Hair and dark skin (light skin until season 2)
  • Lulu: short black hair and Medium skin
  • Anne: long brown wavy hair and Medium skin (light skin and dark brown hair until season 2)
  • Monique: Long brown hair (appears to be a shade of pink hair until season 3)
  • Ellie: black hair and dark skin (originally olive green hair until season 2)
  • Jeannie: Dark brown curly hair and medium skin (Originally Blonde hair and light skin until season 3)
  • Sylvie: long brown hair (originally olive green hair until season 3)


  • Some of the girls' hair colors changes in different episodes.
  • Sometimes they wear blue outfits instead of yellow, but they still wear yellow hats.
  • They leave the house at half past nine daily, regardless of the weather.
  • Chloe is the only one who goes to the hospital besides Madeline.
  • Until season three, only Madeline, Chloe, Nicole, Yvette, and Danielle had been adressed by name.


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